Make sure that all the knowledge, time and money you've invested on crisis management will be applied correctly.
CoSafe is the best way to ensure that, in these critical minutes after an incident, your crisis management will be handled in the safest way, with less losses and rapid business continuity.

How CoSafe works


Neighborwatch on the app!
Get alerts and quickly communicate neighbors and authorities about robberies, traffic jams, power outages or even a lost pet.

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With CoBoats you protect your boat and help make marinas and yacht clubs safer by alerting you to suspicious activity or accidents nearby.

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Create a safer environment for your family, your community, your neighborhood, your business, and your city.

We create apps that save lives, prevent crises from escalating, and reduce financial losses. . Shorten the distance between seeing something and doing something right about it. . Get immediate and accurate help from crisis specialists. . We can not avoid all incidents, but we can be prepared to act safely, quickly and accurately.

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