Help make marinas and yacht clubs safer, and protect your boat.

The theft of engines and boats is a common problem in marinas and yacht clubs around the world. CoBoats is a communication platform to promote the safety of your yacht club and gain more peace of mind. The app makes it easy to send notifications and receive alerts about theft, vandalism, accidents or suspicious activity on the premises or in the vicinity of your yacht club. In addition, the platform provides a number of other tools, such as to-do lists and manual sharing, that help you and other club members get faster to a solution.

Send a warning to the platform admin group. They will be able to notify other club members as well as be able to trigger security authorities quickly, simultaneously and efficiently. Some CoBoats features:

- Simultaneous sending of messages to an individual, to a group or to several groups of people determined by the administrator - Sharing of documents, news and manuals with specific groups - Customized and updated real-time task lists - 100% encrypted communication on the platform

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