It is necessary to know the neighborhood well to identify when suspicious activities can jeopardize the welfare of the neighborhood or the municipality.

Help the authorities promote more safety where you live by means of integrated communication between residents, administrators and responsible sectors. With CoYards, you can send crime alerts, talk to groups simultaneously, create task lists, and track what's being done to deal with incidents.

CoYards is free!

Talk to your neighbors and introduce CoYards at the next neighborhood or condo meeting!

Com a CoYards, você conta com muito mais tecnologia para se comunicar com seus vizinhos.

- Notify your neighbors about robberies, vandalism and accidents. - Send emergency alerts to the police department, fire brigade, among others, with just a few clicks. - Send simultaneous messages to an individual, a group or to several pre-determined groups of people. - Communicate on an encrypted platform, without the need for email, telephone or other personal data.

CoYards is free!